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Wow oh...WOW!

I was skeptical to start but I tested this a day before I did my body scan at the hospital  that cost $800...and I was really impressed that the results were identical!! Really great product and great customer service!

Brittany Stubbs

Looking for motivation

I have been on my journey and started to lose some focus. This has helped to bring some motivation back. I'm excited to track my stats and see what is working for me!

Gina Dolan

Love the scale

The scale works as advertised and although I’m not thrilled with my numbers YET - I really like having all the data and watching it change based on my actions.

Julie Lawrence

Love it

It shipped quickly - set up in seconds - sync to my phone was beyond easy - and it works accurately and perfectly every time - finally a scale that is easy and works as advertised - I had purchased a very high end one prior to this at double the cost...

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