3 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Resolutions

Sabotaging Your Resolutions

You are now three weeks into your 2020 resolutions. How are they going? Be honest with yourself because if not, you won’t get the results you set out to achieve. By this time, your resolution should be becoming a habit that normal your weekly routine.

Do you know if you are you doing everything you can to achieve your resolutions? Little did you know that you may be sabotaging your progress towards your goals without evening realizing it. Continue reading below to learn what not to do and how to fix it. 

Screen Time While In Bed and Before Bed

You may say to yourself, “my phone helps me relax and lets my mind turn off from the day”. While you may think this is the case, it’s actually the opposite. You may feel more relaxed but your mind is just as awake as it was during the day. 
The continuous scrolling or watching videos keep your mind engaged and alert, rather than letting it turn off from the day. Did you know that your mind can stay active long after you have stopped scrolling? Constant blue light from your phone can suppress melatonin. When your body is running low on melatonin, insomnia, tiredness and irritability insue. 

Leptin suppresses appetite and encourages the body to expend energy. Sleep deprivation reduces leptin. The hormone ghrelin, on the other hand, triggers feelings of hunger—and ghrelin goes up when you’re short on sleep. 

To Do: Set an alarm that goes off at least 30 minutes before bed to signal to yourself to put down your phone and do not pick it up again until 30 minutes after you wake up.

You As Your Worst Critic

You have empowered yourself to make a lasting lifestyle change and we congratulate you for keeping at it. Over 60% of people fail to keep up with their goals, but we know you are part of the 40%! 

One of the most frequent comments we hear is that people don’t feel like they want to do it and want to give up. Cheating your goal with food, laziness, other goal sabotagers is actually okay, seriously. If you don’t let your body enjoy these once and a while, you’re more likely to quit your resolution and only enjoy the sabotagers for good. When you do enjoy them, don’t be hard on yourself. A resolution is a journey and understand that you may have shortfalls. 

To Do: Track your progress with the FitTrack Health app so you can visually see your successes. Celebrate your wins by treating yourself to a cheat meal once a week and know that this isn’t a failure but a reward for your hard work. 

Snacking at Your Desk

Being productive at work can lead to unwanted calories and a lack of movement during the day. Do you have a drawer in your desk that has a couple of different snacks? If you answered yes, which is totally okay, but what kind of snacks do you have in your desk drawer?

You need to be honest with yourself and think about how often you need to replenish those snacks. If it’s once a week, you may need to swap those snacks for something healthier so you can don’t sabotage your goals. 

If you don’t snack at your desk, but drink multiple cups of coffee throughout the day, you also sabotaging your goals. Caffeine can suppress your appetite which means you’re body is not getting the right nutrients and/or it encourages you to eat whatever you can quickly find. 

Do any of the following to stop consuming unwanted calories at your desk:

  1. Go with a coworker to shop for snacks and have them ensure you are getting snacks that align with your goals. 
  2. Add natural flavoring to your water such as lemon or limes which will make it more enjoyable to consume than unflavored water
  3. Keep gum or mints around to curb the craving of wanted to chew or eating something. The refreshing mint flavor will keep your mind distracted and if you did eat anything after a mint, it will taste horrible. 
If you feel like you have failed yourself already in 2020, don’t worry. Reset and refocus on your goals. If your goal was too big to start, break it down into smaller, more achievable milestones. Don’t forget to reward yourself after each milestone and continue to track everything in the FitTrack Health app when you use FitTrack Dara and FitTrack Atria.