4 of FitTrack’s Must Know Training Rules

Woman working out

Whether you’re training for a particular event, like a marathon, or you simply want to improve your overall fitness, here are FitTrack’s four golden rules that can help you hit your goals.

1. Hydrate

You’ve probably been told that you have to drink eight glasses of water a day, but that’s not necessarily true. Ideally, you want to maintain between 50-65% hydration. Use FitTrack to monitor your water composition to make sure you’re always in the optimal range.

2. Rest & Recover

Your body needs rest in order to properly recover from training, but too much can make you feel sluggish. Sleep also plays an important role in regulating metabolism, which can affect your body composition. Adults generally need between 7-9 hours of sleep, so find what works best for you.

3. Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

We aren’t just talking about minding your macros, either. It’s important to make sure your body’s getting enough micronutrients (like the often-overlooked magnesium) as well. Build a diet that has as many raw and unprocessed fruits and vegetables as possible, and try to make sure you have a wide variety of colors on each plate as well.

​4. Train with Intent

If you’re running a marathon in a few weeks, you’ll probably want to do more cardio than weightlifting. But training with intent means more than training with a specific purpose in mind. It means drawing a connection between your training and your sport, challenging yourself, and maintaining a competitive mindset at all times.

Combine these four golden rules of training with the 17 key health indicators your FitTrack provides to stay on top of your fitness goals!