7 Ways to Stay Healthy at Home

Looking for ways to get the whole family moving together?

We already told you how great hiking is for your physical and mental health, but what are some other ways you can work more exercise into your family life? It might be easier than you think to include healthy activities in your day-to-day routine.

Here are 7 ways you can keep your family healthy and happy together!

family beach time

1. Hit the beach

Summertime is a great time to get the family together and hit the beach. Pack some healthy snacks and get ready to build some sandcastles! If the little ones are old enough to swim, going in for a dip together is a fantastic way to burn off a bunch of extra calories, but even just playing in and walking through the sand will have health benefits for the whole family. Don't forget the sunscreen, though.

family gardening

2. Get (all of) your hands dirty

The cleanup is worth it. Getting outside together and tending to the garden as a family is a fantastic way to strengthen bonds while getting a healthy dose of fresh air and burning some goal-oriented calories together. You can also use this as a great learning opportunity to teach your children about different plants, and it might even help turn them on to vegetables!

make TV time active

3. Gamify TV time

For most families, the living room is the center of the home, where everyone fights to watch their favorite television shows. Instead of being a bunch of couch potatoes, use this time together as an opportunity to get active as a family. Commercial break? Do some jumping jacks! Have some time before the next episode starts streaming? Get up and stretch together!

family playing

4. Go exploring

Odds are, there's a park or some other public outdoor space nearby that you've never visited as a family. Plan a weekend afternoon to get outdoors and explore it together. You can even make it a fun challenge to see who can make the most "discoveries" along the way. Bring a toy or two and use your imagination!

outdoor dance party

5. Throw a dance party

Dancing can burn HUNDREDS of calories in a short period of time. It's also a great way to bring the whole family together while everyone lets their wild side out. Throwing your dance party outside isn't required, but the fresh air definitely helps. Plus, you don't have to worry about anybody spinning into an end table and making a mess!

family sports

6. Pick a sport

If you can find a sport the entire family loves, pick one night a week that everyone can get together and play it. This will not only help everyone stay active, but it will also help develop teamworking skills and a healthy sense of competition! Parents, you might need to take a seat on the sidelines for this one but you can still get plenty of activity by jumping up and cheering your little ones on.

 FitTrack family

7. Use Your FitTrack

This family uses FitTrack to stay healthy, you should too! The FitTrack Dara lets you sync up to 8 users automatically with one smart scale. To help stay active as a family, set goals together and monitor your FitTrack reports to see who's in the lead. Pick out a fun prize that everyone can covet equally, and reward a family member at the end of each week for sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

Ready to use FitTrack to keep the whole family healthy together?