A Morning Routine for a Healthy Heart

Habits and routines can help you progress forward, or hold you back. How you begin your day is fundamental to your state of mind & heart.

What you do first thing in the morning can make or break your heart health. Here are some things to consider doing in the morning as part of your morning routine in order to stay in optimal shape:

Get out of bed immediately

As soon as you wake up, get out of bed! Don't get caught up in anxious thoughts while lying in bed. Don’t think how bad things are or how tired you are.

Drink a big glass of water

Drink a full glass of water as soon as you wake up. This is critical for your health as you have just spent the last 7-10 hours with no food or drink. You are dehydrated and your entire system desires water to arouse the joints & muscles, and stimulate activity of your organs (especially in the digestive tract & the heart)


Morning meditation sets the tone for your entire day. It will help you be more focused, content, and optimistic. It will calm you down so you can focus more on what is important and stay away from vices and distractions.

Studies also show that people who meditate daily have a lower risk of heart disease.

Get Moving!

Daily exercise is crucial to having a healthy heart, mind, and body.

Here’s a short, but high intense workout session to get your heart pumping

Warm-up for 3-4 minutes at a fast walk or light jog;

➤ Interval 1 - run at 12.0 km/hr for 1 minute;

➤ Interval 2 - walk at 6.0 km/hr for 1.5 minutes;

➤ Interval 3 - run at 16.0 km/hr for 1 minute;

➤ Interval 4 - walk at 6.0 km/hr for 1.5 minutes;

Repeat those 4 intervals 4 times for a very intense 20-minute workout.

Cold showers

Consider taking a cold shower. Studies show cold showers significantly increase blood flow.

They won’t only keep your heart healthy, but you’d also see your skin improving and being more alert during the day.


Implementing a healthy morning routine can take quite a long time. 26 to 66 days is the time it usually takes to form a habit.

It will be hard in the beginning, but consider all the benefits you’d be getting in the long run.