How to Bounce Back from a Long Weekend in Five Steps

recover from a long weekend

Ideally, you would've celebrated the long weekend without compromising on your health and wellness goals.

But we're only human. Mistakes happen, junk food gets consumed, gym routines get neglected. Especially over holiday long weekends, we all have a tendency to overindulge without taking care of ourselves as we normally do.

FitTrack users can monitor their daily reports to see how holiday revelries affect their body composition. By keeping a close eye on hydration, body fat %, and other health metrics, they can better plan how to bounce back and recover according to their own individual needs.

That said, we've seen enough long weekends to be able to make some universal suggestions that everyone can follow. Keep reading for our top five tips to help you recover from the long weekend and hit the ground running.

lemon water detox

Step One: Make your water work overtime

Hydrating is a very important first step to getting back into the groove of things. But why stop there? Infuse your water with some fruit to give it a flavorful twist AND a nutritious boost. Citrusy fruits are a great way to sneak some extra vitamin C into your first day back at work (or school). But berries also work well if you're looking for an antioxidant kick.

stretch for health

Step Two: Get up and move!

Get back into the gym or go one round of your favorite sport. Whatever your preferred exercise routine, get back into it right away once the week starts. Don't have the time? Start your day with some gentle stretching, or try one of our favorite bodyweight exercises you can do from home. This is especially important if you neglected this area of your life over the weekend.


Step Three: Be plant-centric for the day

The easiest (and tastiest) way to catch up on nutrients you might've missed over the holiday? Try making all of your meals plant-centric. You don't need to go full vegan, but you'll definitely feel the difference if you load up on fruits and vegetables for the day; eating plant-centric meals has been linked to increased energy and elevated mood. In fact, we'd recommend doing this at least once a week, with or without a holiday. 

forgive yourself

Step Four: Forgive yourself

Is your FitTrack report not quite what you hoped it would be after the long weekend? Maybe you even gained some weight while you were trying to reduce. Don't punish yourself if you're having a setback. Instead, check-in with yourself and read your report carefully. Forgive yourself for making any mistakes and reaffirm your commitment to your health and wellness goals.

regenerate outside

Step Five: Get outside

Whether we're conscious of it or not, our bodies crave nature. Make some time today (after work, during your lunch break, whatever!) and get outside to take in some fresh air. Visit a park, go for a walk on a nearby trail, or stroll along the pier.  Use this time to reflect on your weekend, how your body and your mind are feeling, and what you're going to do (see: steps 1-4) to get back on track and start working towards your health and wellness goals.

Follow these steps,

and you'll be back on your way towards your goals in no time. Remember to pay attention to your FitTrack report so that you understand how skipping out on diet or exercise, or plain old overindulging affects your overall health.

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