How to Stay Active When You Don’t Want To and It’s Easy!

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The weather is getting colder and that means less time outdoors, shorter daylight, and more binge-worthy shows to catch up on. It’s very easy to come home after work and sit on the couch until you go to bed. Yes, that includes eating dinner on the couch, which also can cause you to gain weight if you make it a habit. Sitting sedentary before and after dinner can slow your metabolism leading to unwanted weight gain. 

“Strive for progress, not perfection.”

Over 377 million people have Googled this exact question and we are finally giving you the best tips and tricks! Continue reading to find out the BEST 7 tips that you can do to get you moving, even though you don’t want to.


Start with a daily reminder 3 times a week after you arrive home from work, but before dinner. Make the task you do small and achievable. Don’t set too large of activity goals because we want to get you moving throughout the week and not deter from you burning those calories.


Some of you love it and some dislike cleaning, but this activity will get you moving in more than one way. From putting laundry away to dusting, or vacuuming your body is moving in all different directions and working different parts. A tidy space does have a positive effect on your wellbeing. The National Sleep Foundation found that people who make their beds every morning are 19% more likely to get a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, 75% of people said that clean sheets let them sleep better.


Exercise doesn’t have to include the gym, which can be intimidating for some people. Don’t worry, you’re home is the perfect gym (even without the weights and machines). Every time your favorite character says their iconic catchphrase, stand up and sit back down on the couch.  

If your favorite show is on, you can tidy up the kitchen in stages during each commercial break. These small, yet achievable mini-goals, are something the whole family can do together. You get to reward yourself to another 15 minutes of captivating television.  


If you’re like me, you usually have your favorite mood-boosting playlist streaming while you get ready in the morning and/or when you’re cooking dinner. Dancing improves cardiovascular health, improves balance and strength, boosts cognitive performance, and more.  So, keep up those Grammy-winning karaoke performances and burn those calories!


Like many of us, we are sitting at our desks for at least 8 hours with very little time we get up to move. If we do, it’s most likely to go to the breakroom and sit down to eat your lunch. Even worse, you get up to get a snack from the kitchen, which is most likely not the healthiest option.  

Many of us will not take the stairs at work because of there either too many or you don’t want to get sweaty before you start your day. Instead of thinking of the total number of floors you need to walk up every morning, take the elevator on the floor before your office and walk up the one flight of stairs. Every time you complete the set of stairs and you don’t become short of breath, add an additional floor. Before you know it, you’ll be walking up to your office feeling amazing!


Have you tried wearing your workout clothes at home? Turns out that 69 percent of people claim that having nice workout clothing that they enjoy putting on helps push them to exercise. So, pull on a pair of your favorite shorts or leggings and let's do this!  


This is not putting on a classic aerobics video on and trying to do a structured workout video. Put on your favorite show and get moving while you tune in. Do short bursts of cardio-focused exercises like jumping jacks or muscle building like push-ups. 

Definitely don’t do all 7 during the same day, but try a different one for each day of the week. Small changes will help you stay active without really thinking about it! 

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