How to Use the FitTrack Dara to Cultivate Mindfulness

FitTrack helps you be more mindful

Mindfulness is the latest buzzword to fly around the health and wellness community. But what does it mean? How do you practice it? How do you get better at it? And how does FitTrack help? Let us break it down for you!

What mindfulness is...

Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating a greater sense of in-the-moment awareness. It's been linked to lowered levels of stress and anxiety and is often associated with meditation. That's because meditation encourages individuals to silence their inner dialogue and focus only on what they're feeling in that particular instance. Mindfulness, in this sense, is a way of "tuning out" all of the noise that comes along with our increasingly hectic lifestyles in order to experience peace and tranquility.

But the idea has evolved, and mindfulness no longer applies to meditation alone. Now, mindfulness relates to the practice of cultivating a greater sense of self-awareness. By practicing mindfulness while we eat, for example, we eliminate distractions like the television or our smartphones and focus all of our attention on what our food tastes like and how it's making us feel as our bodies react to it.

how to be mindful 

How do you practice mindfulness?

We practice mindfulness by eliminating distractions and paying greater attention to what we're doing at the moment. In meditation, you would practice mindfulness by first getting comfortable, and then slowly scanning your body to register how each of your appendages feels at the moment. The most important part is to eliminate any judgment and simply allow yourself to register the various signals your body is sending without thinking about the past or the future. It sounds simple, but it can be difficult if you've never tried it before.

In this traditional sense, you're relying on only your own faculties to measure your body's feelings. That said, measuring is the operative word.




How do you get better at mindfulness?

Once you've learned how to scan your body and register your feelings at the moment, you can begin to understand the ways that mindfulness can extend into other areas of your life, and you can practice it more frequently to improve. Your mindfulness can extend into your meals, as we already explained, but you can also practice mindfulness at work, at the gym, and beyond. By allowing yourself to let go of judgment and simply observe your feelings (physical and emotional) you'll notice that your form may begin to improve while you exercise, or that you become less reactive and more observant during a conflict at the workplace.

This is the greatest benefit of becoming more mindful in your day-to-day activities, and why it's been linked to lower levels of stress and anxiety. Mindfulness promotes greater acceptance, patience, and understanding whether that's with ourselves or others.

FitTrack helps you become more mindful of your body


How does FitTrack help?

The key to practicing mindfulness is learning how to measure your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in order to become more self-aware. The FitTrack Dara Bluetooth smart scale helps you cultivate a greater sense of bodily mindfulness by empowering you with daily reports you can use to assess your physical health in a productive and judgment-free manner. 

With 17 different health metrics that you can monitor every day using the free FitTrack Pro app, you can learn more about your body than ever before and unlock an entirely new level of self-awareness, all while staying motivated as you work towards your goals. Using your reports, you can determine exactly how what you eat and your physical activities are affecting your body, and grow to be more mindful of your daily habits.

Similar to how mindfulness in the gym or the workplace can be used to maintain control and in-the-moment awareness, use your FitTrack Dara to keep in touch with your body. FitTrack's dual BIA technology has been proven to be within +/-3% of a DEXA x-ray scan, too, so you can trust that your reports are highly accurate.