A free new update for the FitTrack Pro app

Not all bodies work the same. That's why we're releasing a FREE new update for the FitTrack Pro app that is designed to generate more accurate readings for FitTrack users who lead active lifestyles. Continue reading to learn how Athlete Mode helps you develop a greater understanding of the way your diet and lifestyle affect your body.

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Is your BMI TMI?

Typically, body mass index (BMI) is calculated using an individual's height and weight, and a healthy BMI is usually between 18.5-24.9. This number is widely used as a general marker for overall health.

But BMI doesn’t mean the same thing to every individual.

For example, a bodybuilder will have a significantly higher BMI than an individual of equal height. And a long distance runner might have a very low BMI compared to an individual of equal height. But that doesn't mean either is overweight, underweight, or unhealthy.

Accurate body composition for athletes

Athlete Mode changes how FitTrack uses BMI to determine other factors about your body.

This free new update is designed for users who engage in intense or prolonged physical activity for at least 3-5 days a week. Individuals who lead more active lives require a different calculation because they burn calories at a higher rate and they're likely to have a different body composition than other users. If you visit the gym often, or if you have a physically demanding job, you should enable this feature so that your FitTrack readings are as accurate as they can be.

Athlete Mode can be activated by navigating to "Me" in the FitTrack Pro app's main menu and then tapping on your name. You'll see the option to turn it on at the bottom of this menu. Tap the button to enable Athlete Mode. You'll know it's working if the button is green. Then tap "Ok."

Visit your chosen app store* to make sure you have the latest version of FitTrack Pro so that you can use this exciting new feature!

*Huawei users may experience difficulties updating their app due to recent tensions between Google and the manufacturer. We'll update this post with any alternatives to the Google Play store as they become available.

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