[INTERVIEW] In Isabelle's routine

FitTrack smart scale

FT: Hello Isabelle, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your goals?

Isabelle: My name is Isabelle, I live in the countryside, and I quit smoking about a year ago. But after I quit, I gained 14 pounds. That had never happened to me before, although I never really worked out before, either.

So it was a little bit of a surprise, and it really set me back. What I really want now is to be motivated so that I can get back to the weight I want. Diets are not my thing, my mother used to follow some but they never did much for me. And I don’t think I need one, either. I’m pretty healthy. I just need a way to stay motivated.

FT: How do you plan to stay motivated?

Isabelle: With my FitTrack smart scale! I enjoy seeing how my weight is split up, I can better understand myself and not just focus on a number, like weight alone.

FitTrack also lets me know if I’m a little overweight, so I can change my diet without depriving myself.

I also use an application that calculates the calories I get from each meal.

FitTrack - Smart scale

FT: Are you able to find time to exercise?

Isabelle: I bought a bike not long ago. But I have trouble. Like I said, I’ve never been one for working out. It doesn’t come naturally to me.

But I know it’s important. I felt totally helpless when I gained weight. I'm 48 years old, I want to be careful and take charge!

FT: How do you think FitTrack will help you?

Isabelle: The indicators are great. You can see everything like BMI and bone density, it really helps me move forward with a bigger, better picture of my body.

Visceral fat is the hardest to cut down, so that's the one I pay attention to most, when it comes to my progress. With the app and the 17 indicators, it's really a lot of information all in one place. When I'm in the red in a certain category, I work a little bit harder. And when I'm in the green, everything is fine, so I just try to maintain.

Not to mention the fact that I can compare my data day after day. It's a big plus. I see the progress and that keeps me motivated. That's what I like, having a clear view of my improvement points that I can use to refocus my diet or gym routine instead of flying blind.

Plus the design is neat! It’s thin, light, and fits everywhere. My mother bought one and I talked a friend of mine into getting one too.


A message from FitTrack:

At the time of this article, Isabelle has been using her FitTrack smart scale for a month. We plan to contact her in a few months to check on her progress.