Open Your Meridians to Unleash Your Potential

Opening your meridians is a concept that comes from ancient China - part of Qigong - that will allow you to boost your alertness and focus levels while improving your blood circulation.

Let’s learn more about this technique.

How to Do It

All you need to do is to slap the different parts of your body lightly.

Just strong enough to cause a bit of pain and make your skin slightly red - because it means that blood is circulating and you’ll see it reflected in the way you feel: more alert, more focuses, and fully awake.

Do it for 5 minutes slapping the different parts of your body, especially the ones that feel dormant - for example your calves and your shoulders.

The Benefits

Opening your meridians will bring you clear and powerful benefits:

✔ You will feel more alert and focused

✔ Your blood circulation will increase

✔ Your energy levels will rise

Three powerful reasons that will complement the rest of your morning habits.

The Science Behind the Benefits

It’s time to speak facts - and here you have the scientific evidence that supports this new habit:

Evidence. This habit increases blood circulation in a healthy way - hence it’s even helpful for treating hypertension.

Evidence. It decreases anxiety and improves mental health and performance.

Evidence. Since it increases blood circulation - it translates into more energy and more oxygen, which improves both physical and mental performance.

Now you have a full set of strong reasons to integrate this new habit into your life.