Shipping Timelines: Updated November 23rd, 2021

Dear FitTrackers, 

We would like to start by apologizing for the length of time it has taken to get your scale to you. We understand you are looking forward to using it to support your health journey, and our delay has impacted that.

Despite our best efforts to counter unprecedented global supply chain constraints in the past few months, all FitTrack orders are facing an additional 2-4 weeks delay. We understand how frustrating this experience can be. Though we do feel we are close to resolving these issues, we understand that does not help in the wait you have had up until this point.

We have tried to keep all of our customers updated with the most up to date estimate on a shipping date but due to this taking longer to resolve than expected, it resulted in some customers receiving multiple shipping dates which is not the experience we are trying to deliver.

For those wanting order updates, please see the most up to date timeline below. Should you have any questions, feel free to email us at


Date Ordered 

Delivery Date

Beebo Scale

Sept 16 - Nov 24

Dec 7 - 10



Date Ordered 

Delivery Date

Dara Scale (White)

Sept 6 - Sept 26 

Dec 7th - December 10th

Dara Scale (White)

Sept 27 - Oct 3 

Dec 17th  - December 20th

Dara Scale (White)

Oct 4 - Oct 17 

Dec 27th - Dec 30th

Dara Scale (White)

Oct 18 - Oct 31

Dec 31st