The Best Full Body Workout Routine for Beginners

If you're starting on your journey towards a healthier you, do this morning routine — Monday through Friday — and you'll able to hit any starting goal you have.

Be it losing fat, gaining muscle, becoming stronger – it all will be possible.

Here’s how to unleash the results.

How To Do It

For starters, this is a low-impact routine. A full-intensity full-body routine would be too much to do every day - and for starters, your focus should be on building a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Afterward, once you feel more comfortable, you can expand into wilder and more daring routines and goals.

In consequence, we’re going to use simple bodyweight exercises to get your body moving.

Here’s the routine that you’ll do from Monday to Friday:

➤ Hang from a pull-up bar for 10-20 seconds x 3 [30 seconds rest each set]

➤ Do 5-10 push-ups (traditional or on your knees) x 3 [1-minute rest each set]

➤ Do 5-10 chair dips x 3 [1-minute rest each set]

➤ Do 5-10 squats (traditional or assisted with a chair) x 3 [1-minute rest each set]

➤ Do 15-25 calf raises x 3 [1-minute rest each set]

➤ Do 10-15 jumping jacks x 3 [30 seconds rest each set]

➤ Stretch afterward. It will only take you anywhere from 30 to 35 minutes on average.

Feel free to increase the intensity as you get stronger and fitter. You can either increase the difficulty of the exercise, add in more rests or shorten the rest periods between each set. Your choice.

Why Does It Work?

It works because it stimulates the major muscle groups of your body, and hence, it will allow your muscles to develop in a uniform way that you will notice.

Furthermore, it will prepare your body for more demanding workouts afterward, because you’re not meant to stay with this routine forever. Of course not. It’s just a starting point that will mark the beginning of a fitter, leaner and stronger you - go for it!