This Morning Routine Will Help You Sleep Better

Rise and shine, surprising as it sounds it's morning time again!

That wonderful sounding alarm clock has just gently - or maybe not so gently - stirred you awake from your peaceful slumber and it's time to get the day started.

The morning is an integral part of how well you sleep during the night. Here are some things you need to take care of when you wake up so you can have a good night’s sleep:

5 Healthy Ways to Start Your Day

Morning Routine #1: Pick a wake-up time and stick to it

Having a wake-up time is essential for excellent sleep during the day. This allows you to align your bio-clock. It’s highly recommended that you stick to this wake-up time even on weekends and holidays.

And note that some people benefit from getting up earlier while others love to sleep in. It doesn’t mean that you absolutely must wake up at 5 am to get the most out of your day. Different people have different needs.

Morning Routine #2: Don't Hit the Snooze Button

If you had a time set up the previous night when you want to wake up stick to it. If you hit the snooze button, during that additional snooze time you won’t be able to get another REM sleep cycle, so it’s basically wasted time.

It can be quite hard not to hit the snooze button.

Pro Tip: put your alarm clock away from your bed so you must get up in order to press the snooze button.

Morning Routine #3: Drink A Large Glass of Water

Your body is quite dehydrated in the morning which only makes it more appealing to press the snooze button. Once you are up, drink a large glass of water and you’ll see how you don’t really want to keep on sleeping anymore.

Morning Routine #4: Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Some people swear by breakfast while some always skip it. Consider eating at least a small healthy breakfast without any carbonated drinks or heavily processed foods.

Eating 2 eggs every day is a great breakfast routine. They provide the necessary nutrients to your brain to form healthy neuron connections and to help you focus more.

Morning Routine #5: Write A To-Do List

Write a to-do list for things you want to accomplish during the day. It’s important to understand that you cannot accomplish anything, so prioritize.

Do only what you think is really important. And, put as many things on your to-do list as you can accomplish during the day, not more. That way you’ll ensure that by bedtime you’ll have done everything so you can sleep a bit more soundly.


You'll find that once these become habits, your days will become much more nutritious and productive which will lead to weight loss success & better night’s sleep.