Five Outdoor Activities That Are Better Together

get outside with your partner (or your family) and scorch calories with these great activities

outdoor activities to do with your partner

Summer isn't over yet, which means there's still plenty of time to get outside and enjoy these great activities that are even better with your partner (or your family). While the weather's still warm, team up and scorch double the calories while you take advantage of everything nature has to offer.

Here are our five favorite outdoor activities you can enjoy before summer's over:

go for a couple's bike ride

#1: Go for a Bike Ride

Grab your helmet and go for a ride. Wherever you are, there's probably a beautiful trail or bike path nearby that you and your partner can visit together. It's a fun and safe way to get some exercise outside, and if the scenery is just right you probably won't even realize you're exercising. And if you haven't been on a bike in a while, this is a fantastic way to get nostalgic and relive some childhood memories. Think of the conversation it might spark! The average person will burn between 450-750 calories during an hour of bike riding, so that's between 900-1,500 calories altogether!

#2: Hit the Beach (or lake, or pool) and go for a Swim

Before the water gets too cold, try packing a picnic and heading to the nearest beach (or lake, or pool), but don't sit idly by all afternoon. In between reading your favorite beachside book and catching up on each other's weeks, make sure you go for a swim as well. Your age, weight, and gender will affect how many calories you'll burn, but you can probably count on between 400-500 calories per hour of swimming, and that's 800-1,000 between both of you! Break it up so that it doesn't get too exhausting too fast, though.

hiking together to burn calories

#3: Go for a Hike

Do you know how amazing hiking is for your physical and mental health? This is another great way to get active outside with your partner, and you can enjoy this activity well into autumn, too. The average person will burn between 300-600 calories per hour of hiking, which can be 600-1,200 between the two of you. If you want to make it extra difficult, pack a heavy backpack. Make sure it's fitted correctly to reduce any risk of injury and don't forget to grab a map before you go.

#4: Find a Local Adventure

Are there farms near you, where you can pick your own fruits/vegetables? What about a historic site that you can explore on foot? Or a stand-up paddleboard rental shop? Adventure can be anywhere you look for it, so pick a new activity that neither of you has tried and give it a shot. Learning new skills together is a fantastic way to strengthen bonds. But the calories you burn along the way will depend on what kind of activity you choose.

going for a walk with your partner

#5: Go on a Good Old-Fashioned Walk

Yep. Walking still reigns supreme as the number one activity you can do with your partner. Why? For starters, no matter where you live you can probably get outside and stretch your legs together for at least 60 minutes. The exercise is low impact enough that most people can enjoy it without any complications. You can also practice more mindfulness by discussing what you're seeing, thinking, and feeling with each other along the way. Speed matters less than distance and your weight when it comes to how many calories you'll burn, with a 180lb person burning roughly 120 calories per mile and a 120lb person burning roughly 65 calories per mile. That said, unlike most other activities, you can enjoy going for a long walk on a daily basis without worrying about setting aside time to recover!

Don't forget to keep track

The FitTrack Dara smart BMI scale automatically detects up to 8 different users per device, so you and your partner (or the whole family) can use it to monitor your health metrics and determine which outdoor activities have the biggest impact on the metrics you care about most. You might have to learn to compromise if you both love two different activities, though!

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