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Understanding Your FitTrack Measurement

If you are seriously considering to start tracking how your health is, then this is a must read! Getting fat or obese because of an unhealthy lifestyle is a very common problem and it's getting worst nowadays. Things like "I have no time to exercise" or "I am busy"  are initial answers we give which are terrible excuses. Going to the gym and work out is the first thought that everyone has to help address the problem, unfortunately, not knowing where to start and which to target will lead to nowhere. It is well recommended to know the daily food intakes and daily activities first for a better understanding of how to manage your health.  This FitTrack device helps in many ways...

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Is your Body Fat Percentage right?

What is a healthy body fat percentage?   Understanding body fat is important – and to do this we need to understand the biology behind body fat itself. Let us look into and dig deeper to find out more. First, what is Body Fat Percentage? Body Fat Percentage is the total mass or amount of fat in the human body. The following are the important compositions that make up the body fat percentage: Essential or Necessary fat Essential or Necessary fat is needed for your body to function healthily. Without essential fat, our bodies would not be able to process nutrients like vitamins A, K, and D, that support our immune systems, helps produce healthy blood and encourages the absorption of...

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