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Everyone wants to know how to lose weight fast. But 5 in 6 people who lose weight gain it back - and then some - because the fastest ways to lose weight don't work. Combining the tips below with the Dara Body Composition Smart Scale will help you see weight loss results that last and build better habits for life. Because you can be that I in 6 whose weight loss plan works.

Here are 6 Smart Ways to Lose Weight

1. Eat!

Skipping meals or starving yourself may be the fastest way to lose weight, but those lead to snacking and binge eating, which ruin your progress and make it harder to stick to your meal plan for weight loss. A week-long detox diet may work once or twice, but it's unsustainable - and the pounds eventually come back.

That's why we designed the Dara Smart Scale. With 17 body composition metrics, it lets you track fat lost and muscle gained, so you see progress and stay motivated even during the weeks when your body weight changed.

2. Drink More Water

Curb your appetite. Kill your sugar cravings. Fight fatigue. Yep, drinking more water does all of that. But it can be hard to know if your body's had enough. That's why the Dara Smart Scale tracks your hydration. Making sure your body water is increasing means you're helping yourself not to eat when you're actually just thirsty. And that makes it easier to cut down on calories - without even noticing you've done it.

3. Track Your Protein Rate

Chances are, you're not getting enough protein: you should be eating 0.8g-1.2g per pound of body weight per day - and the best place to pack in the protein is breakfast. Whether that's eggs, a big protein shake or a healthy serving of milk in your coffee, replacing grains with protein for breakfast is proven to keep you fuller longer. In fact, making your diet 25% protein can reduce food cravings by up to 60%. The best part? You can track how your protein rate is improving by stepping onto Dara. The higher your protein rate on your Smart Scale, the easier it'll be to reach your goal.

4. Lift Weights

One of the downsides of losing weight is that your metabolism typically slows down - but you can counter that with resistance training (aka, lifting weights). Plus, resistance training means that as you shed fat, you'll start to see your strong, toned body underneath. Lifting weights has even been shown to be the best way to exercise to lose belly fat, especially the dangerous visceral fat that sits around your organs. The Dara Smart Scale will show you your visceral fat (and overall body fat) decreasing and muscle mass growing as you progress. BUILD BETTER HABITS FOR LIFE Dara Tracks 17 Body Composition Metrics So You Stay Motivated & See Progress.

5. Don't Ban Foods

Banning foods or restricting certain food groups will make you crave them more - especially if it's something you love. Instead, just integrate the food into your nutrition plan, so you get what you love without compromising on your success. Still not sure? You can rely on Dard to show you that you're still on track, even if you've had that bowl of ice cream. Dara shows you detailed changes to your body every day, so you're confident your plan is still working.

6. Get The Dara Body Composition Smart Scale

We've mentioned it already, but it warrants saying again: your weight doesn't give you a full picture of your progress. But the Dara Smart Scale does. With 17 body composition metrics, you'll see how your nutrition is impacting your muscle mass, fat mass, metabolism and more. Stay motivated. Stay accountable. You'll find out whether you're losing stubborn fat or just water weight, and be able track muscle gains and fat loss. Plus, the Dara connects to weight loss programs in its free app, so you get the guidance you need to move the dle on your body goals.

Build Better Habits For Life

Dara Tracks 17 Body Composition Metrics

So You Stay Motivated & See Progress

Make Weight Loss Last

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I absolutely love my FitTrack scale! it has been a great tool in my fitness and weight loss journey and I love being able to see all of my health stats on the app. It is very durable and I like the sleek look. So glad I purchased it.

Michelle T.


Love this scale! It was a great addition to my health and wellness routine. It's great to get so much information about way more than just weight! Worth the money for sure! Thank you!


Wow!! Oh WOW

I was skeptical to start, but I bought this and tested this a day before I did my body scan at the hospital....and I'm so impressed that the results were identical!! Really great product and great customer service!


Unbelievably accurate!!

Thank you for the product, firstly I haven’t had any issues with the product, I love how easy it is to use and the readings on the app are perfect for comparisons. I have referred to three or four clients already!



Really pleased with my Fittrack scale. Had it a few weeks now and it has become a great motivational tool. Being healthy is more than just weight loss. The app on my phone means I can check my progress anytime

Kelly Wong