Bluetooth Pregnancy Scale For Expecting Mothers

Gaining the proper amount of weight is important for your health as well as your baby’s health during pregnancy. The right digital smart scale will ensure that your pregnancy weight gain is on track!


Are Smart Scales Safe for Pregnant Women?

So there seems to be a discussion on the internet about smart scales potentially not being safe for pregnant women. Essentially, Yes! It is safe. To be clear, this is not about smart scales in general, but about digital scales that use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to measure body fat, total body water and other advanced metrics.

BIA essentially sends a minor electrical current through your body to measure your total body water levels, which can inform about body fat levels. Because of the electrical current, it is advised against using these scales if you have a pacemaker or an implanted defibrillator in your body.

This has caused concern and raised questions whether this could have an adverse effect. There isn’t any scientific evidence to support this, however. There hasn’t been any research that has warned against using BIA during pregnancy and in fact, various research studies by the National Institutes for Health have actually used BIA in studies on pregnant women.

"Bioimpedance analysis during pregnancy, an easy, fast and non invasive method to estimate the body water composition during pregnancy" -National Institute for Health

Although there are no known health risks for using BIA when you are pregnant, as a precaution, most manufacturers of these scales have some sort of ‘warning’ that pregnant users should consult their physician before using a BIA scale. Or they simply advise not to use it because of minor inaccuracy during pregnancy. Now it might have something to do with our litigation-happy culture, but essentially they are saying better safe than sorry. Pregnancy is a time after all, for extra caution.

Experience the  FitTrack Beebo Maternity Scale

So, now you know that smart scales should be safe for pregnant people to use, but where do you start and which one works best?

We're excited to offer the FitTrack Beebo Pregnancy Scale.

It connects to your phone and lets you watch the baby grow while tracking 17 vital health measurements. 

Track Baby's Growth

pregnancy mode image

Of course, mama's health isn't the only one to keep in mind ... everyone wants to know how the baby is coming along, too!

The Beebo FitTrack Smart Scale offers an infant mode so you can keep track of your little one's health and weight gain after birth.

Track Body Fat Percentage

 shot of the 17 measurements on app

The FitTrack Beebo Smart Scale uses bioelectrical impedance analysis to determine your body mass index and overall body composition, which can help you keep track of your body fat percentage.

You will also get a reading of your visceral fat levels, allowing you to see how much of your fat percentage is located in your stomach. This is essential, as higher body fat metrics are believed to be tied to a number of health issues, including diabetes, cancer, and problems with heart health.

BMI has also been linked to pregnancy complications and health issues at birth, making this a metric worth keeping an eye from trimester to trimester.

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Track Healthy BMI

As mentioned before, body fat percentage can have a direct correlation to your overall health, which ties right into your Body Mass Index.

Rather than just providing an overall body fat percentage, the BMI gives you an idea of your body fat relative to your height and weight, giving you an even more specific ratio to determine health.

You will also receive readings on metrics like water percentage and muscle mass so you can determine when your weight gain is health and unhealthy.

Bone Mass

While most people have been known to produce stronger bones after spending enough time pregnant, a rare few may develop osteoporosis and other bone health issues during this time.

Thankfully, this digital scale will give you an overview of your bone mass so you can track your gains and losses and seek treatment if you are starting to see a loss in this area.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

While there are so many interesting uses for this health data, many people want a bathroom scale for one specific reason: to see how much they weigh!

The Beebo FitTrack Smart Scale will go one better and analyze your basal metabolic rate, giving you the number of calories required to keep your body functioning correctly at rest.

Learning your BMR is a great way to enhance your diet and exercise, knowing when you have consumed just the right amount of calories each day.

Bluetooth Enabled

Not only is the Beebo FitTrack Smart Scale a powerful digital scale, but it is super convenient, as well. This bathroom scale will allow you to keep track of all of your metrics and data in one simple location, uploading your daily readings to its handy companion app.

This is compatible with both Android and Apple devices and can be synced with the Apple Health ios app in the Apple Store. The device will work via Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect to your phone so your progress is automatically recorded in the app for you.

Pairing the digital scale to your phone is simple, turn on Bluetooth, open the FitTrack app, and step on your scale. You should see your results in about four seconds.

A Modes For Any Age

mother with children and weight scale

One of the most convenient aspects of the Beebo FitTrack Smart Scale is its adaptability -- anyone in the family will be able to use this digital scale for all of their own unique needs thanks to the four different user modes offered. 

Infant Mode

The whole family will be able to track their health journey with ease. Family members of different ages have different needs.

Thankfully, this bathroom scale will allow you to track your little one's weight gain from week to week so you can make sure they are healthy and growing.

Pregnancy Mode

Pregnant people will be able to monitor their weight gain and full body composition through each trimester, allowing them to notice life's little changes and potentially noting any issues that may require a doctor's assistance. 

Athlete Mode

Different levels of activity call for different metrics and a uniquely tailored weight loss regimen.

That's why the Beebo FitTrack Smart Scale offers an athlete mode, so that the most active members of the household will be able to customize their stats to their personal preferences and lifestyle needs for a more accurate result.

General Mode

Of course, for those who just want to find out how much they weigh, this digital scale offers the traditional general mode for regular daily body weight check-ins and monitoring.

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time, but it can be a nerve-wracking one, as well. Every new parent is anxious to keep their new baby as healthy and happy as possible.

Rest assured that not only are BMI scales safe for pregnant mothers to use, but they can also be a key tool in ensuring a healthy pregnancy experience.