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Step Up Your Wellness Game With FitTrack Smart Scale

Experience personalized health and weight loss like never before with data-driven coaching.

Accurate measurements of 17 body composition metrics

Personalized workout plans built by neuroscientists

Nutritional advice tailored to your needs and health goals

Based on 89,503 Reviews By Happy Customers

Clinical-Grade Accuracy

97% accurate compared to a DEXA scan

Recommended by Top Health Experts

And professional athletes

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Based on 89,503 reviews by happy customers

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How To Start Your New Wellness Journey

Only 3 steps to transform your health and fitness routine


Get Your Smart Scale

Place an order, receive your FitTrack, and measure your 17 body metrics.


Connect The Hume App

Set up the free Hume app and sync it to your FitTrack to pull data.


Track Your Progress

The Hume app checks your health data and creates personalized action plans.

Rated 4.8/5 Based on 89,503 Happy Reviews

Eliminate The Guesswork

Gain a holistic understanding of your health through meticulous analysis of your metrics.

Learn which areas of your health need focused attention

Activity, stress, sleep, and nutrition monitoring

See the impact of your diet and workouts, beyond just the numbers on the scale

Empowerment At Your Fingertips

Every choice, every day, makes a difference. Get real-time feedback and witness your transformation.

Boost motivation and accountability

Personalized health coaching

Easy Tracking

Grow Healthier Each Day

Enhance your daily life with the power of behavioral science. FitTrack and Hume work together to set up rewarding routines that boost your health and happiness.

Build healthy habits

Daily action plan

Weekly health reports

Continuous learning and adaptation

What Sets FitTrack Apart

Make informed health decisions and improve your well-being

Measure 17 Body Metrics

Get a broader, more detailed picture of your overall health rather than focusing only on weight, which can be misleading.

Personalized Insights & Plans

Using your body composition data, FitTrack’s companion app tailors your diet and fitness regimen to meet your specific needs and goals.

Progress Tracking

Get real-time feedback, stay motivated, and learn how effective your current health strategies are.

Early Detection of Health Issues

Identify sudden or gradual changes in your body composition, which may indicate health issues requiring medical attention.

Based on 89,503 Reviews By Happy Customers

Peek Inside Your Body with FitTrack's BIA Technology

Get accurate insights into your body composition

FitTrack’s Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology offers a precise window into your body's composition. By accurately measuring fat, muscle, water, and bone mass, our body monitor generates a detailed, reliable, and scientifically validated insight into your health, empowering you to track and improve your wellness journey with confidence.


FitTrack users reached their weight goals within 6 months


FitTrack users felt significantly healthier and more energetic after just 30 days


93% FitTrack users made healthier choices and built healthier habits within 45 days

AI Holistic Health Coach At Your Fingertips

Manage all your health data from a

single app

Hume, in seamless synergy with your FitTrack smart scale, harnesses the power of AI to decode your health data, crafting a personalized wellness journey that transforms your health one step at a time.

HumeHealth is compatible with:

Apple Health™

Google Fit™

Samsung Health

Recommended By Top Health Experts and Professional Athletes

  • "To achieve the level that is required to perform in the olympics, understanding how to optimize my health is key and FitTrack has been very helpful with that."

    Paul Biedermann

    Olympic Swimmer

  • I've gotten all my clients a FitTrack Scale because of it's accuracy. Being able to go beyond your body metrics and getting insights has also been very helpful

    Erin Johnson

    Celebrity Fitness Trainer

  • Got this as a gift and it's been amazing being able to track so many different health vitals! Would definitely recommend it to anyone on a health journey

    Brittany Carter NWSL

    Orlando Pride