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Go beyond number and get personalized coaching build specifically for your unique data, behaviour and goals.

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Personalized Health Monitoring

Monitor your health in real-time, adjust your diet and exercise regime, and take proactive measures to reach your health goals.

Data Driven Coaching

Get personalized weekly action programs built my neuroscientist to help you build behavior that stick, so you can reach your health goals and keep it that way.

Predictive Health Analytics

Analyze health data and identify patterns that could indicate potential health issues. This enables you to take measures to prevent health issues before they occur.

Progress Report

Get weekly health reports to understand how your health changes over time to keep yourself motivated.

Easy to Understand

Get contextualized health data with Health Score—one number to understand your overall health.

Virtual Nutritionist

Personalized nutritional recommendations based on their body's needs and goals. This enables you to optimize your diet and achieve their health goals faster.

FitTrack Dara 2.0

80% of people fail to maintain their health goals.

FitTrack scales are a simple and effective solution to stay motivated and keep track of your health

✔️ Eliminate guesswork and make smarter health choices

✔️ Easily keep track of your health and stay motivated

✔️ Understand the effectiveness of your diet and fitness program

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“The most accurate smart scale out there”

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Melanie, 54

As someone who has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight for years, I was excited to try out the FitTrack after a recommendation from my nutritionist. It’s been a GAME CHANGER! The app is so easy to use! and being able to see my progress beyond my weight has been super motivating!"


“I’ve been specializing in nutrition science for 9 years and FitTrack is a great at health tool you can use in the comfort of your own home – with the added benefit of the insights and coaching working together at the same time. I always have clients asking how they can keep the weight from coming back– this is it!”


Nutritionist and founder of FD Nutrition Featured in Vogue, Elle, & Into the Gloss

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Based on 89,503 Reviews By Happy Customers

The World's MostAccurate Smart Scale



80% of people fail to maintain their health goals. FitTrack scales are a simple and effective solution to stay motivated and keep track of your health.

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Accurate measurements of 17 body composition metrics

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