7 Mindblowing Before & After Photos Prove That the Number on the Scale Doesn’t Mean Anything

(And That It’s Actually Sabotaging Your Fitness Efforts)

There Are 3 Ways the Scale Deceives People and Sabotages Their Weight Loss Efforts

#1 - It Sets You Up to Fail Before You Even Start a Diet

Setting fitness goals and choosing a program based on the number on the scale is like picking a partner based on their FB profile:

It doesn’t provide nearly enough information to make the right decision.

The scale has no idea how much muscle you have, how heavy your bones are, or even how big of a meal you had before stepping on it… Therefore the number it shows has very little to do with your actual level of fitness.

#2 - It Makes It Look Like You Are Failing (Even When You Are Not)

The scale doesn’t take into account body composition, which makes it completely useless for tracking fitness progress.

For example, if someone loses two pounds of fat and gains two pounds of muscle - the number on the scale will obviously stay the same.

But does it mean that they made no progress?

Body composition will be better, metabolism will skyrocket, and this person will be well on their way to getting in great shape…

But the scale would imply that they are not making progress, leaving them frustrated and disappointed.

#3 - It Has Nothing to Do With Health

A person can have a flat tummy and a “perfect” number on the scale… But have high levels of dangerous visceral fat around their inner vital organs.

On the other hand, a person 10 or 20 pounds overweight might actually be perfectly healthy because of their lifestyle, level of activity, or even genetics.

So If Measuring Weight Is a Bad Idea… What Should You Do Instead?

Science suggests that there are 17 health metrics that play a critical role in weight and health management - including body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, weight without fat, obesity degree, BMI, and more.

Without knowing ALL these numbers, even the most restrictive diets and the most intensive workout programs are just shots in the dark.

On the other side, if you know and understand all 17 metrics, you can crack your body’s code and create tailored plans to meet your weight goals.

Makes sense, right?

However, there is a problem…

As you can imagine, it can be quite difficult to get all these metrics.

In fact, the only accurate way to measure all 17 metrics was to pay a visit to a specialized clinic and spend 30+ minutes doing different tests.

This is obviously not very convenient - especially when you need to measure on a daily basis in order to track your progress.

Fortunately, there is a better solution now.

With Our Smart Scale, You Can Accurately Measure All 17 Health Metrics at Home

FitTrack Fitness Pack (Smart Scale + Smartwatch) is an all-in-one at-home solution for tracking EVERYTHING that has to do with health and fitness.

It uses advanced bioimpedance technology to measure all 17 key metrics in just seconds - including BF%, bone density, and hydration levels…

Giving you a better understanding of your overall health, causes of weight gain, and the ability to create tailored plans to meet your weight goals.

It works just like your regular scale - all you need to do is get on it and give it a few seconds to do its thing…

But instead of getting just one, usually irrelevant number - you will have all 17 measurements delivered straight to your smartwatch or smartphone.

But hey, that’s just theory.

Here’s how it works in practice…

Results Show That 7 Out of 10 People Who Use Smart Scale Hit Their Goals WIthin 3 Months

We carefully analyzed the results of 680,000+ people who have used FitTrack… And what we found was mindblowing:

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>> 7 out of 10 people who use smart scale hit their goals within 3 months

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I really like my scale. I weigh every day. I am working on getting all the areas that need attention taken care of and moving in the correct direction.

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This is extremely helpful when trying to track BMI, Muscle mass, along with quite a few other measures in addition to actual weight. I am more interested in those numbers then the actual weight so this scale is perfect for me!!

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“Wow! This is a great beginner program that drives real results! It guides you step by step on how to do each workout at home! Definitely one of the best home workout plan I’ve seen”

Kelly F. - Verified Customer

“Wow! This is a great beginner program that drives real results! It guides you step by step on how to do each workout at home! Definitely one of the best home workout plan I’ve seen”

Kelly F. - Verified Customer

As you can see, all these ladies have retained their original weight or even gained a few extra pounds…
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