FitTrack Unveils New MyHealth+ App, Offering a Holistic Approach to Health Management

The subscription-based app connects personalized health data to insights, delivering custom plans for better health management

TORONTO, October 20, 2021 - FitTrack, the modern health management ecosystem, announced today the launch of their paid app, MyHealth+, a first of its kind, giving consumers one ecosystem for their health needs including health reports, nutrition tracking and workout programs. The new app builds off of FitTrack’s free MyHealth app, which delivers users personalized health metrics. MyHealth+ goes further, making the data actionable by providing insights to help you reach your goals, ultimately driving better health outcomes.

“The MyHealth+ app is a significant milestone for FitTrack, as we continue to deliver on our mission to democratize health management,” said Jeff Sawyer Lee, Co-Founder and CEO, FitTrack. “MyHealth+ offers a simple and holistic solution providing users access to their personalized health data, and actionable insights. We believe prevention is the future of healthcare and MyHealth+ is the first step towards greater health outcomes around the world.”

Understand Your Body With MyHealth+

MyHealth+ makes it simple for users to access their personalized health data in one place, eliminating the need for fragmented tracking across multiple health and wellness apps. MyHealth+ works in concert with FitTrack’s suite of devices, while also syncing with your Google Fit and Apple Health to provide users even more insights.

For users with a FitTrack smart scale, MyHealth+ continues to offer users a deep-dive into 17 metrics including fat, body mass index (BMI), muscle mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR) and more. Users can then understand where they fall within a healthy range and how to take action to improve their metrics.

MyHealth+ makes understanding your health simple with your personalized Health Score. Health Scores are designed to give users a holistic perspective of their daily health, providing a benchmark for their age.

The new app offers a comprehensive overview of your health with weekly, monthly and annual trend graphs and also includes exportable Health Reports that users can share with their healthcare professionals including doctors, nutritionists or fitness trainers making it easier to get the support you need.

Improve Your Results with MyHealth+

MyHealth+ is an on-demand health hub, making it easier than ever for users to make lifestyle changes to improve their health and reach their goals. MyHealth+ equips users with access to nutrition tracking and workout programs.

Diet is a critical part of our overall health and wellbeing, but for many, eating healthy can feel overwhelming. For users looking to better understand how nutrition impacts their goals, MyHealth+ connects the dots. Both MyHealth and MyHealth+ users can start by accessing personalized calorie and macronutrient recommendations tailored to your goals. MyHealth+ subscribers will unlock access to the full nutritional information for an in-depth analysis.

Tracking your food is simple with MyHealth+’s FoodScan. Powered by Passio technology, users can simply take a photo of their meal and FoodScan will identify the items and quantities for you to track. Alternatively, users can also choose from manual food tracking, or scanning a food’s barcode or packaging to automatically log calories and nutrients.

“MyHealth+ is designed based on feedback from our FitTrack community,“ said Jeff Serrano, Vice President of Product, FitTrack. “What we’ve heard is that having access to their personalized health data is simply the first step. MyHealth+ not only delivers this, but also allows us to educate consumers on what their data means, why it matters, and enables them to make lifestyle changes to prevent future diagnosis.”

Now users can tap into FitTrack’s Coaches for daily workouts designed to help you reach your goals. Workouts are available for all fitness levels and users can choose from a number of programs that target upper body, lower body, core, full body or even specific Dara metrics.

Built with Privacy in Mind

MyHealth+ is designed with privacy at the forefront. We’re committed to keeping our customers' data safe and follow HIPAA data privacy protocols, while making it easy for our users to delete their data at any time. We believe that health data empowers our users to better understand their health, giving them detailed insights to share with their healthcare providers should they choose to. You can learn more about our privacy policy here.

Pricing and Availability

The MyHealth+ app is available now for download in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Europe on iOS and Android. MyHealth+ is available monthly for $9.99 USD and includes a two week trial, or save with an annual subscription for $71.99 USD a year and includes a month trial.

About FitTrack

Our mission is to ensure better health outcomes, improving the lives of everyone by making health management simple and sustainable. We believe in giving FitTrack users the resources to make the connections between their daily choices and have an overall picture of their health. For the first time, anyone can gain meaningful insight to their bodies in seconds using our tools and solutions. Within our modern health management ecosystem, we support over 1 million FitTrackers globally, and we’re committed to constantly evolving and innovating our products based on creating the best customer experience possible. FitTrack is dedicated to improving each health and wellness journey globally.

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