What do I do if I am missing measurements from my Beebo scale?

The scale displays the weight and the scale's status, while all other metrics are only shown in the FitTrack MyHealth app.

If missing metrics on the app

You may need to recalibrate the scale:

  1. Make sure your batteries still have power
  2. Remove and input the batteries from the scale
  3. Place the scale on a stable, flat, and even surface
  4. Step on and off the scale quickly
  5. Scale shows 0.0 lbs/kg
  6. The recalibration is successful

Check your mode

Select Body Measurements Select Member dropdown Select Manage Members Select member profile to update Select App Mode

  • Female (gender selection) allows for Pregnancy mode option.
  • If you are set to pregnancy mode, you will only see your body weight result.
  • If under 18 years old, you will only see your body weight result.

If recalibration was unsuccessful

  • Open your FitTrack MyHealth App
  • Select Profile Devices Tap on Beebo Device Forget Device
  • On your Scale, remove batteries and put them back in to reset scale (scale should flash a few circles then show 0.0 for weight)
  • Force close the FitTrack MyHealth App
  • Go to Bluetooth settings on phone and turn it off for 5 seconds and turn it back on
  • Re-open the FitTrack MyHealth App
  • Select Profile Connected Devices Search for Devices Select Beebo Scale Connect Successful Connection
  • Step on the scale
  • The scale will display your weight
  • The scale will display flashing zeroes on scale while it analyzes your body composition
  • The app will also show the following states:
  • Gathering your weight
  • Taking your body measurements
  • Success
  • Then navigate them automatically to the Body Measurements page so they don't have to tap the BM card

Connection Issues:

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