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80% of people fail to maintain their health goals. FitTrack scales are a simple and effective solution to stay motivated. Measure, track, and trend your body vitals over time with 17 Health Measurements at the comfort of your fingertips.

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How Does The FitTrack Dara Gen 2.0 Work?

When standing on the FitTrack scale, a very low, safe electrical signal is sent from four metal electrodes through your feet. The electrical signal passes quickly through water that is present in hydrated muscle tissue but meets resistance when it hits fat tissue. This resistance is measured and input into scientifically validated FitTrack equations to calculate body composition measurements.

Accurate Results You Can Count On

Reach Fitness Goals 8x Faster

Understand different body metrics that can be improved on

See progress being made beyond simply weight being lost

Measure 17 different vital body health metrics

+/- 3% as accurate as a medical DEXA (x-ray) body fat percentage scan

The most accurate body composition scale in its class

Weigh Smarter with 17 Health Measurements

Fat Mass

Get a clearer picture of your overall health.

Muscle Mass

Understand if you're losing fat, gaining strength, or both.

Bone Mass

Discover your body's foundational composition.


Accurate to +/- 300grams


Maintain optimal levels of hydration every day.

More Motivation Than Ever Before
Most goals fail because they’re too hard to stick to. FitTrack Dara Gen 2.0 empowers you with more information so that you can cultivate a greater understanding of your body

Personalized insights

Easy-to-read charts

Daily, weekly, monthly tracking

Stay motivated as you monitor your progress

*Syncs with Apple Health, Google Fit and many more!

Made for All Body Types
Other smart scales fail to adjust their readings according to the user’s body type, but not FitTrack Dara Gen 2.0.

Athlete Mode for active users

Smart algorithm adjustments based on individual habits

Accurate, body-type specific reporting

Discover The Next Generation
Designed with patented new sensors, The all-new Dara Gen 2.0 is smarter, more precise and designed with all users in mind.

Up to 20 % more accurate

Improved Bluetooth Connectivity

30% Larger Base For Stability

Michelle T.
Michelle T.


I absolutely love my FitTrack scale! it has been a great tool in my fitness and weight loss journey and I love being able to see all of my health stats on the app. It is very durable and I like the sleek look. So glad I purchased it.



Love this scale! It was a great addition to my health and wellness routine. It's great to get so much information about way more than just weight! Worth the money for sure! Thank you!


Wow!! Oh WOW

I was skeptical to start, but I bought this and tested this a day before I did my body scan at the hospital....and I'm so impressed that the results were identical!! Really great product and great customer service!


Unbelievably accurate!!

Thank you for the product, firstly I haven’t had any issues with the product, I love how easy it is to use and the readings on the app are perfect for comparisons. I have referred to three or four clients already!

Kelly Wong
Kelly Wong


Really pleased with my Fittrack scale. Had it a few weeks now and it has become a great motivational tool. Being healthy is more than just weight loss. The app on my phone means I can check my progress anytime


How accurate is the FitTrack Scale?

Independent research studies have shown FitTrack consistently measures +/-3% off from the DEXA scan, the Gold Standard, in measurement. This accuracy makes it the most accurate smart scale available today.

What is the science behind the FitTrack Scale

When standing on the FitTrack scale, a very low, safe electrical signal is sent from four metal electrodes through your feet. The electrical signal passes quickly through water that is present in hydrated muscle tissue but meets resistance when it hits fat tissue. This resistance is measured and input into scientifically validated FitTrack equations to calculate body composition measurements.

What are the 17 Metrics It Measures?

Muscle Mass, Body Fat %, Muscle Rate, Weight Control, BMR, Protein Mass, Protein Rate, Weight, Visceral Fat, Bone Mass, Body Water, Subcutaneous Fat, Weight without Fat, Fat Mass, BMI, Body Age, Standard Weight

How Can FitTrack Help Me Lose Weight?

FitTrack smart scale can be an invaluable tool for those looking to lose weight quickly and safely. The Dara smart scales provide an accurate readout of 17 different body vitals, which helps users identify areas that need improvement and track progress over time. Users can now very easily see how their diet, exercise or sleep is affecting their weight loss journey. Additionally, it can analyze trends and discerning between water weight and body fat % loss - both of which are important when reaching weight loss goals. With these insights, users can develop strategies for achieving their goals more quickly, as well as establish healthier habits for long term success.

Can FitTrack Help Reverse Chronic Illness?

FitTrack Smart Scale is a critical ally in reversing type-2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol – through greater insight and understanding. With data from the smart scale, users can monitor changes in their body composition over time to accurately identify areas of concern. FitTrack analytics also offer an in-depth look at metrics such as body fat %, visceral fat helping users track trends and deviations from normal body makeup - which is essential for chronic illness management. By combining intelligent technology with sound medical advice, users can better understand their condition and take appropriate steps to mitigate its effects. Ultimately, FitTrack provides valuable insight into changes that need to be made for reversing chronic illness and stabilizing overall health.

Why Should I Measure My Visceral Fat?

Visceral body fat, also known as 'hidden' fat, is fat stored deep inside the belly, wrapped around the organs, including the liver and intestines. Having a high visceral fat can make you more at risk for chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and more? FitTrack gives you the tools you need to measure and reduce visceral fat.

What is the difference between fat loss and weight loss?

Weight loss and fat loss are two distinct goals that require different approaches. While weight loss focuses on reducing overall body mass which can include muscle, skeletal mass and body water, fat loss specifically targets body fat composition - which is a key indicator of overall health. Therefore, focusing on fat loss is more beneficial to users than simply reducing their weight; as it not only minimizes the amount of body fat but also helps maintain muscle tissue. Additionally, tracking fat % closely aids in preventing fluctuations resulting from water retention or temporary changes in body weight, allowing users to see tangible results much faster. Ultimately, working towards fat loss first is the best way for users to achieve lasting health benefits!

What is the maximum weight?

FitTrack Dara can measure and track up to 400 pounds (181.437 kilograms).

Is it compatible with my phone?

Yes! We support Apple iOS 10 or higher and Android OS 5.0 and higher.

Is the App Free?

Yes the app is free! However user can upgrade to a paid version as well that includes personalized fitness programs, nutrition tracking and health insights

How many users can use the scale?

We don’t have a limit to the users who can be on the scale, you can use the scale with different devices in the household.