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Works as advertised

Set up was straight forward and the app is easy and intuitive to use. Measurements are quite precise and provide handy insights.

Love it

I just recently got my FitTrack scale and love it so far! I like being able to see my progress via the app. Very pleased!

Fantastic scales

Works a treat 👍🏻

Amazing product

Easy to use, very impressive


I’m impressed! This is very cool!

Great scale!

Love this scale! Will help me to get back on track with weight

So far works great.

Must have

Great feed back from your scale along with easy tracking through the app💪🏽! Worth the money for sure!


These are great, give a full picture of your health. Arrived quickly.


Definitely would buy again!


I love that I can see my body composition and there are a lot of breakdowns which is great. I have found that the FitTrack has me at a heavier weight than my other scales or indeed a different body scan tracker that I use at the gym. I seem to be half a kilo to a kilo heavier on FitTrack and less muscle mass. Why is that?


This scale is so accurate and puts a lot of health points into perspective. Absolutely love the easy to read screen and calibration. Great product for the price!

I’ve been waiting for this product!

I happen to be familiar with this type of technology and besides water tank, it is the most accurate measurement of body fat. I was hopeful that this particular product would be acurate, but with the $ back guarantee, I figured I would give it a try and I’m so glad I did! Being already familiar with my “numbers” I can confidently say this scale, data and app is pretty darn accurate!!
This is a great way to track your progress weather your trying to lose weight, gain muscle, maintain or anything else that requires you to really know your numbers. Everyone should know for their health and longevity!! Very happy with my purchase!


Perfect! I am very happy with the scale. It's certainly keeping me motivated!

Losing weight in all the right places

Very detailed information about your weight and easy to use.

Bought these for Christmas presents


It’s so easy to use and tracks your weight with a bar or a curve! It also give you so much more than just your weight! I love it!

The best piece of tech for your health that you can buy

Talk about accountability! I love the harsh reality that FitTrack gives you - it just makes you work all that much harder to achieve the results that you need for your health and wellbeing! by far the best device that I have ever bought!

Very good

Very impressed with the scales it is another tool in my triathlon training bag


I really enjoy that the app gives so much information on complete body composition, plus it’s not so big and bulky like most scales.

So awesome!

I love it! I have always had a hard time with weight changes- great to see fat go down and muscle mass go up!! It will keep me motivated!!
Healthy is my goal!

Way better than expected

Love these scales, lots of info, and pretty accurate when pitted against gym in body machines, well worth it!!

Love it!!

Love my new FIT TRACK Scale. Been looking for a scale with Blue Tooth capabilities.