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Very impressed

I am very happy with the FitTrack Dara
I Feel a person can’t improve what you can’t measure
With this BMI scale I have all the data to make my fitness goals a reality

Great Product

After installing the FitTrack app, the scale was synced and provided very useful information after I weighed myself. The different category measurements really gave me an insight on my health and what to concentrate on. The scale is compact and very lightweight.


So far so good, I'm impressed with the data it gives, it will help my family and the clients in work with to stay on track

Love it!!

Love how comprehensive it is - and that you can fit several people into the same scale through the app and track it so easily! 🙏🏼

Great product

Great product, on tine delivery and good packaging as well!


I love my new scale , so many information it will keep me on track for sure !

Fantastic product!

I am thoroughly enjoying this scale. It’s very easy to use and the results are easy to interpret.


Honestly cannot tell you how amazing this scale is! It tells you your bone weight! Not to mention a lot of other things I didn’t even know I wanted to know. Highly recommend!!

Great Product

I'm really happy with my purchase... everyone I know around me wants to get one but I want to get it for them for Christmas little did they know lol

looks like I'll be ordering a few to make someone's day for Christmas..hopefully they make it a goal to change to a healthy lifestyle


I was terrified after stepping on the scale the first time! Lol. A great motivator to get in shape....I love the scale

Great product

Works great. Very lightweight and portable. All the info you need on it and great price.

Very good

Very easy to handle and very functional

Fit track

Been great, amazing how it knows everything

Love all the feedback it gives

Amazing product!!!!

I was completed amazed by the design, the look and feel and the quality of the product!!!
The support provided by the customer service is at the level of the product: perfect!
I am very happy with my scale!

Excellent product

Very good product is helping me stay accountable and is rewarding and motivating to see numbers going down and in turn making me healthier.

First Scale I've Ever Been Excited About!

So far I am loving the scale! I love that it connects to my app and I can look at other measures of health beyond just weight. I can see movement in body fat and muscle mass that helps inform the weight numbers. I'm looking forward to seeing the results over time!

Reliable data

I was so excited that my gym was offering InBody scans the day before my FitTrack was delivered. I did the scan and compared my results the following day with the FitTrack and they were almost identical. I‘m so excited to have an accurate way to track my body data through my fitness journey


Loving the data this scale proved!

Great product

Really like the simplicity of this. Makes it easier to set goals.

Very pleased with the product and the results it gives me and my clients