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"I really like the FitTrack Dara smart scale. I like seeing what I'm actually doing is working or not. Seeing the difference in muscle mass and fat is really good."


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Fit track Dara

I love it!

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

More than a scale

Love to see more than my weight

Limited Edition Dara Black BMI Smart Scale

Great to see all of your data in one place and so quick and easy! Would recommend 👌

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara



love it!!!


I am loving my FitTrack! Tracking my progress is so much easier and also gives me a gage on where to focus!

I love it!

I love this scale! It really gives you an insight on your health and helps you overcome all of your health worries. I thought I had a lot of fat but turns out my fat levels are actually very low. My muscle mass & water weight were very high. So it really took a lot of worry and pressure off of me. I figured out that my pooch comes from diastasis recti, from having my twins, which takes a special kind of healing. So, thank you FitTrack, for helping me overcome my worries!

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

Love it

Very helpful. Shows areas where I need to improve and keeps track of everything I need !

Amazing scale

Has helped my weight loss journey immensely- I love it

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

Best Scale Ever!

BMI it’s so accurate best scale ever! Tells you a lot about your body! Easy to use! I love it!! Seen it on Summer Pardi Instagram and ordered it! I’m so happy I did!

Breaks everything down

This scale breaks everything down for you. Shows you exactly how much badness you have in your body instead of you just guessing. It breaks down into categories on both types or fat and even shows you how much water you have. So far it has gotten me to drink twice as much water and I have lost a lot of weight because of that.

Lovin it!!!

I’m ress as log happy with my new scale.

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

Just awesome! It’s a fun way to keep track of everything.

Limited Edition Dara Black BMI Smart Scale

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara
Gary Paul Moreno Jr.

I love this scale even if I don’t like the results right now. It motivates me to work hard. I love all the data it gives.



Very informative

I enjoy my scale. It is very informative


Love it ! I will be buying another one!