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"I really like the FitTrack Dara smart scale. I like seeing what I'm actually doing is working or not. Seeing the difference in muscle mass and fat is really good."


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BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara


Easy to use and makes you have control over how far you are from reaching your goals and the journey to get there

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FitTrack Band
Teja Chiluvuri
Excellent passive band that does a lot for the price

The more holistic and comprehensive approach to health and wellness is a much needed advancement as wearables become a staple in people's daily lives. FitTrack band is a perfect choice if you have not yet owned a tracker. Totally recommend this sleek band.

FitTrack Band
Tammy S.
A new standard for fit wear.

In love with my FitTrack Band!! From its simple but beautiful color choices to its awesome features (all interactive, all relevant to my journey), this is definitely an investment. You just gotta try it for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!

FitTrack Band
Pheny D.
Exceeded my expectations

This is the only fitness band that I have purchased that is comfortable on my wrist.

FitTrack Band
Gloria Calderon
Honestly, OBSESSED.

So I bought my FitTrack band when I saw how it tracks sleep, and it did not disappoint. I don't have to keep charging the device since it lasts long compared to other bands I used so far. Honestly, I am obsessed with it and I can wear this all day, everyday!

Surprisingly Fascinating

FitTrack Band was given to me as a gift. As I’m not a digital-savvy person, I was not very enthusiastic about its use at the beginning. Surprisingly, however, after I have used two of the programs (i.e. Sleep & Meal tracking) I am now eager to use the band and all the body metrics and vitals it tracks on the app.

Easy to use

I don't sleep well and I have this habit of constantly getting up throughout the night that why I love the band's sleep tracking feature. I have not explored all other metrics yet on the app, but I am working on it since I'm trying to get more physical this year!

Best birthday gift ever!

Absolutely love my FitTrack band!!! My husband got it for me for my birthday and I am in love! I tried everything before this, nothing stuck for me. FitTrack band is perfect for me.

FitTrack Band
Jeremy Kovolt
My new friend

I love how it is totally oriented on measuring and tracking your overall physical and well-being. The app is free and reflects more body metrics compared to other brands.

FitTrack Band
Shane Judd
ALMOST perfect! Love it

I was looking for something that wouldn’t constantly distract me (like my smart watch). Overall, I am very happy with my FitTrack Band.

I love the information I see on the app

I love the sleep tracking and how it breaks down my nightly patterns. Newest addition to the fitness bands I own. Happy with my purchase!

FitTrack Band
Melanie Cole
Helpful band + app

I like the heart rate feature. I purchase this band for my mom and so far it does the work. I like the fact that I can track my mom's vitals and activities through the app and it recommends activities based on her data. Sleep measuring is very good too. She's loving it!

Tracker that works!

I've always wanted a fitness band & this has everything I need without stressing that I spent a fortune on it. I'm happy on how it tracks my activities and sleep. Great tracker!

FitTrack Band
Andrea S.
Fittrack band works y'all!

I've been getting the best sleep since I used FitTrack band. I've always wanted a fitness band but they were way out of my budget so I'm really glad I get to own one now! Thank you! You're missing out if you don't buy this. It's definitely a steal!

FitTrack Band
Gerald Casirro
Minimalist band

If you want a truthful minimalistic useful fitness band this is it. The workouts available on the app are a great feature. I’ve already done a few and it’s nice that they are short.

FitTrack Band
Lisa P.
Reliable band

The battery does not drain too fast. Overall, I believe this band has helped me tremendously in meeting my goals to be the healthiest version of myself. I totally recommend this band!

FitTrack Band
Paul Simmons
Not flashy but functional band

Minimalist but truly functional band. I was skeptical because I was not familiar with the brand, but definitely this band works even better than those we can find online. You get the benefit of fitness tracking without wearing flashy and bulky things on your wrists.

Spot on Purchase for me!

I've worn this non stop for few months now and it captures sleep cycles well and provides good information. No problem with device pairing with its app as well. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

FitTrack Band
Colleen V.
New fitness band to love!

It does more than tracking sleep. The app recommends programs based on collated data by the band which is totally personalized and I'm totally up for that. The battery life is amazing too.

FitTrack Band
Amber H.
Give it a try!

I like the functionality of this tracker. I will recommend the Fittrack band to anyone trying to track activities, sleep, movement and other useful body metrics. This is my first band so I was really looking forward owning it. No issues so far and that's a plus!

FitTrack Band
Myles G.
Works well

I am loving this band tracker. The app is great to use too! The step tracking data and meal tracker is a spot on for me.

Lots of love for this band!

The band does a great job at tracking, all around. Sure there are existing brands in the market than FitTrack, but I like this way better. I love that it's lightweight, quick to charge, and isn't irritating to my skin. It does everything I wanted it to do without being bulky, inaccurate, or distracting.