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"I really like the FitTrack Dara smart scale. I like seeing what I'm actually doing is working or not. Seeing the difference in muscle mass and fat is really good."


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Love it

This scale is awesome. It makes me want to do the right thing to be able see the progres on my phone.

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

Good purchase

I just started using it yesterday but so far I am pleased with the information provided

Bought for gift

I bought this scale for a gift.

Best Scale I’ve ever purchased

I LOVE my new FitTrack Dara! It is the best smart scale I have ever purchased. It is so easy to understand and gives such a great insight to my health and weight. I don’t feel like I am reading just another number on the scale, I feel so much more informed and motivated. I am so happy with this purchase.


I love it.

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

Great tool for weight loss

I love being able to watch the fat melt off the scale.

Love it

I really love it

Dara Smart Scale

It’s truly incredible and definitely a smart device! This scale just doesn’t scan your weight but it’s more than that and will scale your health and body in many areas. If your interested in improving your weight or want to know where you at in general. It’s great and most definitely recommend to anyone.

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

If only I won

It would be such an honor to win this amazing item

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara


Right on track


I am loving this scale so far. It is helping set the small goals to set so I can reach my ultimate health goals. The amount of information is amazing and so insightful.

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

Amazing Device

Great way to track progress…..what an eye opener to see unhealthy fat and muscle percentages…..makes me work harder. Looking forward to seeing successes!!

Limited Edition Dara Black BMI Smart Scale
Jeanette Suzan
still learning

I like it. I am just still trying to learn the use of the app

Dara scale

I am in love with this Dara scale. Glad I purchased and was patient!! I originally gave a frustrating review since I could not get the scale to sync and work. I spent hours working on following instructions, emailing company for assistance. Then came Matthew from the company. He emailed and then we talked one on one and he walked me thru the process. And now I love this product.


I love this scale. It helps me better understand what different types of measurements can calculate my actual weight.

Love it!
Easy to use