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With over 600,000 happy users, we've received quite a bit of feedback. Read reviews from other users, here! "I really like this scale I like seeing what I'm actually doing is working or not. Seeing the difference in muscle mass and fat is really good."
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Great to see other numbers besides weight to help reach a goal

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

Like it

Love the data but the scale is small and tips easily.

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

Love it

No complaints and I love that I can track my progress. Thank You Katy Hern for discount code

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

The best!

This is the absolute best scale ever!!!!!

Love This Fit Track Scale

I just want to share that I went to a weight loss center and they had a very large similar scale. It was 500.00 to get on their scale one time to see many of the things that this scale does. I am so impressed with this amazing scale because you can't get this type information from most doctors offices. It's vital information that can make you change your habits, improve and make better decisions to prevent future unhealthy habits. The details of whats going on internally, metabolically are very important and this is a gift everyone should give to themselves and to the people they love. I am thrilled to have this radar for health!


I love it and so does my whole family

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

Great bit of kit

The fitrack scales are fantastic easy to set up then use.

Love it!!

this scale is the best thing I have ever purchased !! Tells me my weight and more

Great product for an even better price!

I have been looking into an Apple Watch but they’re so expensive, I came across this fit track watch & it offers everything! For honestly half the price, I love keeping track of my steps & still being able to see notifications on my phone! If you’re looking for an affordable smart watch this is the one! It takes incoming phone calls, tracks my calories & even takes my temperature!

Exactly what I wanted and needed.

Over the years unfortunately I got a bit lazy and not very disciplined.
The smart scale will help me to get back on track and I’ve already lost 2 kilos since I bought it.

Keeping me onTrack!

Scales great, helping with fitness and weight loss goals. Great too to measure progress. Highly recommend!

Awesome scales

I love the depth of information these scales are capable of. Sleek and stylish also and not bulky at all. Great purchase and super quick delivery across the other side of the world.


Mostly satisfied. Dissapointed with the lack of guidance and instructions included for the functions of the watch and scale and all of its features. I suppose I will figure it out on the fly. I'm sure someone on YouTube has a video or something.

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

BMI Smart Scale - FitTrack Dara

I’m very pleased with my product

Awesome product

Very excited and happy with my fittrack!

Love this helpful scale

Love this scale, love all the different metrics it tracks, it helps me hold myself accountable to stay on track for my fitness goal! Only thing I wish it wouldn’t need batteries and that Instead it was able to charge through USB port or even by hooking it up to an outlet


Never had a scale like this , very enlightening.

Works exactly as promised!

Love this scale as it does everything from normal weight tracking to tracking pregnancy weight to being able to help weigh my daughter. This is by far the best scale out there and works without any issues!